Feng Shui Consultation and Guides for Home Buyers

Whether you are looking for purchasing a house for your stay or investment, the decision to buy a house may be the toughest financial decision for most people. That is why it is so important to choose the ideal property that does not give you all sorts of difficulty and difficulty because of noncompliance to Feng Shui guidelines after buying the property. Below are a few of the important Feng Shui tips and basic guidelines for home buyers which could assist you in your home screening before making the important decision to buy.

  • Search for properties that have Water and Mountain structures within 5 to 10 km radius of the property which you plan to purchase. Water structures can be in the form of rivers, lakes, ponds or any significant water structures. Whereas for mountain, start looking for mountain that is green and lush. Avoid rocky mountain as rocky mountain emit negative energy also called Sha Qi. Water and Mountain structure from the external environment is the key for having great feng shui consultation as mountain is where Qi water and generates is where the Qi collect.
  • Start Looking for property which has the Embrace called the White Tiger, Green Dragon, Black Tortoise and Red Phoenix principles. This is where if the property has the higher ground in the back, left, right and reasonable mountain elevation at the front and it will be even better if it is a Table Mountain in the front.
  • Don’t buy properties which have A whole lot of negative manmade structures surrounding the properties. The manmade structures may function as communication towers, pylon, highways, monsoon drains and structures like T-junction as well as the sharp borders from neighbouring triangular roof which immediately hitting the main door of your premises. These negative structures is extremely bad Feng Shui home that can cause negative effects to the occupants especially if there is negative star in that specific sector of the home.
  • Start Looking for property that has Bright Hall Effect. The Bright Hall Effect is when the property has ample space in front of the house for Qi to accumulate. House with Bright Hall is quite auspicious and it is an excellent Feng Shui. This feature alone sometimes can bring enormous good luck.
  • Avoid Purchasing a house that has Awkward building shape that could subsequently causing awkward internal design also. Awkward building can have lots of missing sectors and this isn’t favorable for inside Feng Shui. Awkward design may also create Sha Qi because of irregular shapes that make sharp edges in the awkward design itself. Purchasing this sort of property may cost you more as you may spend more money for renovation to fix the poor interior Feng Shui.