Japanese That Hits the Mark Every Time!

You’ve been communicating in Japanese for some time now, and you’re prepared to include some style, is not that so? It is an ideal opportunity to discuss setting forecasts and irrational expectations. Two fascinating points that will turn your Japanese up a score! Make statements, for example, I anticipated the result of the game, or he has been setting absurd expectations. If you cannot offer expressions in Japanese, for example, these, this article is an absolute necessity read! This Yojijukugo Japanese article is stuffed with intriguing expressions that will add some fervor to your Japanese.

You’ll figure out how to utilize hyappatsuhyakuchuu (each predication he/she makes works out) and muri nandai (inconceivable and outlandish interest). These two Japanese expressions have a wide range of employments, and this article makes certain to give you a ton to discuss! Turn it up a score with this Japanese article!

The first Kanji signifies, hundred. The second Kanji follows straightforwardly after the first and it signifies, counter for discharges. The third and fourth Kanji signify hundred and center, individually.

This expression started during the authentic occasion in China wherein a specialist bowman shot a bow at a leaf multiple times and hit the imprint with each shot.


We for the most part utilize this expression when we prevail with regards to anticipating something, for example, calling a pony race or responding to test questions. You can say, wa hyappatsuhyakuchuu da, as in keiba no yosoo wa hyappatsuhyakuchuu datta, which signifies each time I called a pony race, I was right.

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We utilize this trung tam tieng han expression to show issues that we realize are difficult to understand from the earliest starting point, or conditions that are irrational and you can never acknowledge.


At the point when somebody makes an outlandish and absurd interest of somebody, you can say [someone A] wa [someone B] ni muri nandai o iu. We likewise use muri nandai o fukkakeru as a set expression to signify to make a nonsensical interest on.

Test Sentences

  1. Kono kuraianto wa, itsumo muri nandai o iu. This customer consistently sets nonsensical expectations of us.
  2. Saikin no oya wa sensei ni muri nandai o fukkakete kuru. As of late, guardians have been setting nonsensical expectations of educators.
  3. Boku wa, hoomuran o ute to iwareta ga, sore wa muri nandai da. I was advised to hit a grand slam; however it is an unthinkable interest for me.

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