Myths About The Best Hair Transplantation Methods

Hair transplantation is a Process that transports hair resistant to balding, which normally can be found at the side or back of the mind, to the balding area. The hair that is immune to balding is the donor leading baldness, which will continue to grow throughout the life span of most men. Donor dominance is the scientific foundation for the achievement of hair transplantation, and Dr. Norman Openreach in 1959 printed it and the area of hair surgery was born. Suitable candidates for surgery are individuals with hair loss that have sufficient donor hair.

Hair Transplant

With the advancement of medical Technology, it is revealed massive improvement in technique and process. Back in the years when strip incision was the in thing, surgeons took healthy hair from the donor site by cutting a linear strip from the scalp. This type of hair transplant leaves a linear scar.¬† Nowadays, technology has allowed the use of micro grafting, Surgeons are switching to this method as it doesn’t involve making any sort of incision. But a comprehensive process requires inserting hair bit by bit in your scalp. This procedure would require implanting micro-grafts from the hundreds. Transplanting the hair follicle is the surest way to make sure new growths of hair. The newest and probably the best¬†hair transplant in pune process is Follicular Unit Transplant. This process also uses micro grafting. This procedure requires the removal of individual hair follicles from a place on the scalp, and reinsertion of the hair follicles to the hairline.

This is a fantastic procedure in comparison with strip incision and old fashion micro grafting because this process leaves almost no scar since stitching isn’t required. Healing time is also faster; typically, after a week, pain will be eliminated. Thousands of grafts can be transplanted in one session, which leads to less effect on the patient. This process also mimics the natural growth of hair so it also gives the maximum natural-looking outcome. Hair transplant operation, if Carried out properly, is safe and effective. So be certain to do a great deal of research before going through this process.